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5001 Co Hwy 81, Fargo, ND 58102

Machining Services

When the going gets tough, the tough starts boring, milling, turning, and everything else. No piece is too small, too big, or too detailed to make. Our machining equipment can carve out the thinnest piece of metal or create the edges needs to fit your machine. We provide:

  • Boring
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Broaching
  • And more

A Calculated Job

Machining is a little more “delicate” than bending or cutting sheet metal.

When you need a part made that has intricate shapes, equipment and knowledgeable staff can get it done. Milling, boring, and turning are some of the most common tools needed for this type of machining. In our shop, we have all these machines and more to make the pieces you need.

We have two CNC vertical machining centers with varying capacity and spindle measurements, nine different heavy-duty turning lathes, and threading equipment to meet your custom machining needs in our fabrication shop.

Machining Capabilities

Vertical CNC Machining Equipment

1998 Daewoo Ace-V65
Capacity: 25”x50” and CAT50 Spindle 32 ATC

2003 Milltronics VMC VM 30
Capacity: 50”x30” Y & 24” Z and Machine CAT40

Threading Equipment

Oster Pipe and az Threader
Capacity: ½” to 4” Pipe, 3/8” to 3” Bolt

CNC Turning Lathes

1988 Cincinnati CNC Lathes
Capacity: 14”x24”

2009 Clausing 2040 CNC Lathe
Capacity: 10”x24”

Heavy Duty Mills and Lathes

Magnamill Horizontal Boring Mill with Power Rotary Table
Model BH110 43”x55”
X Capacity: 70.866”
Y Capacity: 64.00”
Z Capacity: 64.960”
4’ Spindle w/24.98”
Travel Load Capacity: 8,820 LBS

Hercules Turning Lathe
Capacity 40”x252” -25”
Three Jaw Chuck
6” Spindle Bore

Mazack Turning Lathe
Capacity: 24”x140”
Three Jaw Chuck
3” Spindle

DoAll Turning Lathe
Capacity 17”x72”

12” Three Jaw Chuck
3” Spindle


Cadillac Turning Lathe
Capacity 17”x60”
10” Three Jaw Chuck
2” Spindle Bore

Bridgeport 2 HP Series II
Capacity 9”x48”

Dah-Lih Mill 5 HP
Capacity: 11”x49”

Davis Broaching Machine
Capacity: 1/8” keyway to 1 1/2” keyway

Okamoto Surface Grinder
Capacity: 1/2” to 4” Pipe, ⅜” to 3” Bolt