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5001 Co Hwy 81, Fargo, ND 58102

Engineering, Metal Fabrication & Cutting

Big ideas get completed by sharp minds and machines. We have both. No matter how thick or heavy your metal is, we have the equipment to mold it with expert craftsmanship. At our fabrication shop, we provide:

  • Shearing
  • Sawing
  • Cutting
  • Plate rolling
  • Angle rolling
  • Sheet bending
  • Tube bending
  • Engineering
  • Punching

Metal Fabrication

From healthcare to energy, every industry needs metals to function. Sheet metal is used universally as the basis for all necessary ideas, and we’re the specialists who bend, stamp, weld, and (for lack of a better word) fabricate the pieces you need for your project. In a nutshell, we’re here to build you up.

Custom fabrication isn’t a skill you’re born with—it’s earned with training, hard work, and experience. At Sanders Metal Products, we appreciate the value of great custom metal fabrication more than the average Joe. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years.


Engineering and structural design are two capabilities that help make us a full-service shop. We have 4 engineers on staff to get your ideas down on paper. No matter the size, we turn your loose conceptions into cold, hard, metal that fits whatever you need it for. Our engineers are proficient in CAD and other design programs.

Metal Cutting

Metal cutting is a required when it comes to fabrication—it’s the practice of shaping metals to use as parts for a whole idea. This can be done a couple different ways, but the most common cutting techniques include shearing and sawing. But, we’re proud to provide our advanced laser, plasma, and waterjet cutting capabilities in addition to shearing and sawing.

Laser cutting and waterjet cutting are popular by demand because they’re incredibly accurate. The machines we use can cut through all types of metals, including steels, aluminum, bronze, copper, and more. The power of these machines is incredible, slicing through up to 6 inches of metal at a time. It’s like cutting through butter. We know we can take whatever hunk of metal you throw at us.

Fabrication & Cutting Capabilities

Sheet Bending

1977 Pacific Press Brake
Capacity: 600 ton and 24’ length
Will bend ½” plate 20’ long steel
CNC Backgauge

2003 Allsteel Press Brake
Capacity: 350 ton 14’ bed
Will bend ⅜” A36 steel
CNC Backgauge

1997 Accurpress Press Brake
Capacity: 250 ton 12’ bed
will bend 12’ of ¼” A36 steel

1998 Accurpress Press Brake
Capacity: 60 ton 6’ bed
Will bend 6’ of 10 GA A36 steel
CNC Backage

2007 Accurpress Press Brake
Capacity: 60 ton 6’ bed
Will bend 6’ of 10 GA A36 steel
CNC Backage

Plate and Angle Rolling

2002 Davi MCP 3210
Capacity: 4’x4”x½” angle
Capacity: 1”x8” flat bar
Capacity: 3”x3”x¼” square tube
Capacity: 5”x10 ga round tube

2012 AK Bend 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll
Capacity: ⅜”x6’ long

2003 RMD Hydraulic Tube Bender
Capacity: ⅜” to 2” tube and pipe

2016 Bendmak 4 Roll Hydraulic*
Capacity: ¾”x20’ long

*The only one between West Fargo and Chicago

Webb Initial Punch Plate Roll
Capacity: 16 ga x 8’ long

Hendley & Whittemore Initial Pinch Plate Roll
Capacity 7 ga x 3’ long


2000 Trumpf 3030 Laser 4000 Watt
Capacity: 5’x10’
Will cut up to ¾”

2001 CNC 400 Amp HD Plasma Cutting Machine
Capacity: up to 13’x22’ Bed

Kaliburn 400 Amp High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine
Capacity: ⅛”-3” heavy plate
2 oxy fuel cutting heads
Up to 4” thick

2011 Water Jet Cutting Machine
2 flow waterjets
Capacity: 72”x144”x6” aluminum, steel and stone
60k intensifier capable of 60,000 PSI

Lift Master Automatic Load and Unload System


2013 VT 120 HA-50 HE&M CNC High Speed Vertical Band Saw
Capacity: 18”x24”

2001 Marvel Vertical Band Saw
Series 8 Mark II
Capacity: 18”x20”


1957 Chicago D&K
Capacity: 225 ton 12’ bed

1945 Sturdy Bender
Capacity: 150 ton 4’ bed

1970 Niagara Press
Capacity: 60 ton 8’ bed

Tube Bending

2003 RMD Hydraulic Tubing Bender
Capacity: 3/8” up to 2” pipe and tubing


1998 Accushear
Capacity: ½”x12’